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Diamond Baccarat is a software web-based (available for Android smartphone too) for Baccarat game. You can use this system on Casino in virtual or real mode. This software analyzes Banker/Player deviation on three differents steps. Select your plan. Renew is not authomatic.

Diamond Baccarat

Recover last 30 items deleting old ones

delete last entry

deletes all entries

This is for and training purposes. Will enter a random Banker, Player or Tie.

items recover facility in case of a 'crash'.

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How it works

Procedure and Strategy

  • 1) Enter at least 20 hands via the Banker, Player, Tie buttons;

  • 2) Press “GO” ;

  • 3) If no selection shows, keep entering Player and Banker and Tie via the buttons followed by a “GO” button after each entry;

  • 4) When a selection appears either 3 Reds or 3 Blues it is time to consider the bet;

  • 5) Strategy Medium risk – place the bet as indicated;
  • 6) Strategy Lower risk – Look back over the results to see the outcome of the last signal to bet the same bet ie Player or Banker. If the result of the last signal was a loss then the new signal can be regarded as stronger. If the result of the last signal was a win then the new signal should be regarded as weaker;

  • Note – make a record of your bets, win or lose, as when the next Banker (and or Player) bet is indicated the previous Banker bet may have rolled of the screen.

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